Palo Alto

Cory Wolbach

Cory is a current Palo Alto City Council member and believes Palo Alto should lead the region in developing housing and transportation solutions to address our severe jobs-housing imbalance. In his first city council term, he fought for renter protections like relocation assistance and introduced legislation to reduce zoning regulations to promote development of housing for all income levels. Cory also spearheaded changes to ADU policies to enable Palo Altans to say YES to housing, literally in their backyards.

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Mountain View

Lucas Ramirez

Lucas is a current Mountain View planning commissioner. He is passionate about addressing the jobs/housing imbalance by creating more housing supply in Mountain View. Lucas supports both market rate and inclusionary housing. He seeks to prioritize maximizing the total number of units, while maintaining inclusion for individuals at the lowest income levels. He advocates for increasing housing supply in key opportunity sites including North Bayshore, East Whisman, San Antonio, and El Camino.

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Mountain View

Lenny Siegel

Mayor Siegel has lead Mountain View in increasing access to housing options and improving transportation. Lenny recognizes that Mountain View has a responsibility to grow the housing supply and supports creating large amounts of market-rate housing with inclusionary zoning requirements in order to accomplish this goal. He was the principal proponent of the North Bayshore Precise Plan Residential Update and worked to approve housing near train and light rail stations.

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Mountain View

Pat Showalter

“I am committed to working in Mountain View and the entire region to ensure housing needs are met for people of all income levels.” As a current Mountain View City Councilmember, Pat worked to reduce barriers to building ADUs and voted to increase the number of affordable units in developments. She supports displacement protections including rent stabilization and advocates for developments that add significantly more housing units than they remove.

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Mountain View

Measure P: SUPPORT

(head tax for transportation)



Sunnyvale Seat 1

Gustav Larsson

Gustav is an incumbent Sunnyvale City Council member and has a record of supporting housing in Sunnyvale. He believes building more market rate housing is critical in order to improve affordability of naturally affordable housing: “Every household that moves into a new unit is one less household competing for older, less expensive units.” Gustav is also a proponent of permanent supportive housing to serve the needs of vulnerable groups, including seniors and families formerly experiencing homelessness.

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Sunnyvale Seat 3

John Cordes and Mason Fong (dual endorsement)

John is a long-time member of the Sierra Club and has been an outspoken advocate for dense housing in Sunnyvale. He is passionate about creating a more sustainable Sunnyvale and favors slowing office growth and increasing housing density along transit corridors. He supports zoning more land for housing, requiring no net loss of affordable housing units during redevelopment, and increasing inclusionary housing.

Mason is currently the Housing & Transportation Policy Specialist to Councilman Chappie Jones [KB1] in San Jose and is an experienced legislative aide who understands how to develop effective policies. He advocates for equitable and inclusive housing development to better serve all citizens. Mason would like to cultivate a diversity of housing supply by increasing density (by-right near transit), incentivizing home conversions, and rolling out ADU programs.

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Santa Clara County Supervisor

Susan Ellenberg and Don Rocha (dual endorsement)

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 San Jose Measure V: SUPPORT

(affordable housing bond)



CA Proposition 1: SUPPORT

(affordable housing bond)



CA Proposition 2: SUPPORT

(homeless assistance bond)



CA Proposition 5: OPPOSE

(Prop 13 portability and expansion)



CA Proposition 6: OPPOSE

(gas tax and infrastructure funding repeal)