1. Tuesday December 6: Advocate for San Jose to adopt a revised Affordable Housing Siting Policy

San Jose

Affordable Housing Siting Policy

San Jose’s Affordable Housing Siting Policy helps determine where affordable housing gets build in the city. Specifically, the policy affects how and where San Jose’s affordable housing funding resources are invested. San Jose Housing Department staff have proposed valuable changes to this policy. The revised policy increases affordable housing funds for disinvested, historically-redlined communities, and it funds and incentivizes affordable housing in affluent, historically-exclusive communities. It removes crime and poverty statistics as a basis for building affordable housing, add more inclusive language, and looks to locates affordable housing sites throughout the entire city.

Please contact your city councilmember and/or attend the San Jose City Council meeting on 12/6 and advocate for the city to adopt the Housing Department staff’s proposed revisions to the Affordable Housing Siting Policy.

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